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Product: Style Snaps

Have you ever experienced having a jeans that would go perfect with your current outfit however they end up dragging on top of the ground due to your shoes. You no longer need to trouble yourself about having the ideal pair of jeans to go with your footwear so that you can prevent the hem from dragging on top of the ground.
Quick adjustable hem solution from Style Snaps - No Sewing, No Gluing, No Ironing

Kara Harshbarger &  Melissa George created a simple yet effective answer for issue through a product named Style Snaps. It offers a quick and easy solution which helps you to instantly modify the length of jeans or dress pants to match your shoes.

This is the world's first snap adjustable hem solution and it's being offered to you as a great way to save on costs of running a family. Style Snaps is so easy to use and its unique adhesive makes them adjustable, reusable and safe on any fabric. Style Snaps works can work on jeans, pants, lapels, belts, shirts and much more.

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A Closer Look at Style Snaps

The Style Snaps were invented by writer and director Kara Harshbarger along with her good buddy, actress Melissa George. They had the for the product when Melissa was talking with Kara about her recent visit to New York and her hems were pulling down across the walk ways of the city. As a result Style Snaps were invented to provide a solution to the problem for ladies all over.

It’s effortless to apply and you do not have to be a seamstress to be able to do it. By using Style Snaps you are able to change the hem as frequently as you change your footwear. It makes use of an unique adhesive which lets Style Snaps be changeable, reusable and works on many different kinds of materials.

The end product that resulted were small plastic adhesive snaps that are quickly placed on clothing and then hidden in sight when snapped together to make a hem. The snaps are only temporary which means that you can put them on a pair of pants and then take them off the next day if you want. This means you aren't limited to only wearing high heels with certain pants.

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How to get Style Snaps at the Best Price

The major thing to keep in mind when looking to buy Style Snaps is that they are not sold in stores. You can't go to your local department store or boutique and pick up a package of these. If you do so them in stores they may not be the real thing or they may be marked up in price significantly. This product can only be bought online.

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Product Reviews

"It's brilliant"

"Oh my, that's genius"

“Fast fashion fix it"
"For the days you want to switch from heels to flats"

"The folks at HemmingMyWay, however, knew exactly how to get me interested. I grabbed a pair of my Kasils (jeans that currently only work with the highest of heels) and decided to test them out! (the box comes with a little ruler on the side. So clever!)

My final verdict: HemmingMyWay is extremely easy to use and effective... plus, when you put the jeans on, the snaps didn't just come off (something that happens perpetually with cuffed jeans!). I was also excited that after moving them, there were no marks left on the jeans, which was really important in my opinion."

"Why didn't we think of that."

"Takes you from heels to flats seamlessly."

"What a wonderful product. I would love to be a part of sharing and selling this to the world."

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"Oh my goodness, thank you ladies! I have been looking for a product like this FOR YEARS."

"Thanks so much for your help these past few days....amazing customer service."

"What a great idea. Most of our jeans are too long for everyone so this is a great solution for people who want to wear them right away."

"We are a denim boutique and this product will FLY off our shelves."

(All reviews collected from Style Snaps Official website)